This Tory Government, with Labour, are drastically dismantling our NHS!

Driving GPs out, forcing practice closures, forcing PAs and AAs

driving frontline out by cutting real pay,

raiding NHS taxation to pay private profiteer corporations, outsourcing, privatising (huge CEO salaries, pay dividends to shareholders... completely as usual

Electric, rail, gas, water-all ruined...


Government connivance with GMC, RCP, NHSEngland

to swamp the NHS with PAs ( 10,000 Physician Associates) and AAs, (2000 Anaesthetic Associates)

False Economy as GPs face redundancy


All the old enemies..

Milburn Any (Un)qualified provider

Paul Corrigan No 10 adviser

Independent treatment Centres ISTCs Privately owned, run. Poach staff and money from the real NHS. Profits to CEOs and shareholders. Worse results.

Private Finance Initiatives PFI Hutton PFI is the craziest way to finance hospitals-11 times the real cost!!!


The Covid enquiry seems to be going nowhere! Government have no preparation fotr the next pandemic...

We were assured that Lady Hallet would not be tricked by anyone in this inquiry, nor given the run around by any participant.
Boris and Sunak-and others-have not given you all their phones, both official, personal, burner phones, and Signal WhatsApp erased messages
so technical experts can easily retrieve ALL the messages.
Why on earth have these phones not been “subpoenaed”?
Who ignored and stopped Exercise Cygnus? Treasury?
Who ignored and stopped Exercise Alice? Treasury?
Why did DHSS not have database lists of pre-approved suppliers, a logistics plan for procurement, storage and distribution of PPE?
Why were care homes forced to take Covid patients without testing?
Why did government use new untested, inexperienced Testing laboratories?
Why did Government use untested Test and Trace new systems rather than a pre-planned Korea-style tracing system using GPs, local Public Health experts?
Why did ministers use VIP lanes to give contracts to their inexperienced mates?
Why did Cheltenham festival and football matches etc go ahead-Hancock’s friends.
Why does Sunak say “there is no public interest” in VIP lanes, Mone, Di do Harding?
Why has every other country completed their inquiry years ago?
Dr Phil Hammond, Private Eye, and The Peoples Inquiry both reached pertinent conclusions years ago…
Why was government allowed to underinvest, small hospitals forced by PFI, few doctors, nurses etc and dismantle the NHS and Social care so that it would easily be overwhelmed, and no treatment other than Covid completed? Hunt?
Witnesses, and KCs are allowed to waffle, long unclear questions, and answers to run down the clock!


Threats are really hotting up...

The government plan to flood the NHS with thousands of unqualified PAs, AAs

How has a single Royal College (RCP) managed to foist PAs accross all specialities, rationing training to real Doctors without discussion?

Collusion? Apathy? Bribery?

If RCP wants PAs-let them-but specialities, including GPs should say NO THANKS!!!

Governments are very clever enlising the backing of supposedly independent bodies: obviously

-the DDRbody, told what maximum % to award, used to control others wage reviews...

-The GMC-who, it is rumoured, was given £800k-£2million to register PAs and AAs-to confuse patients: "if they are GMC, they must be doctors..."

-The RoyalColleges

a recent RCP EGM Thursday 14 March was a closely regulated filibuster defending their stance on PAs, AAs

The RCP has contracts with penalties if they fail to provide PAs, AAs

Have members owning or running training schools for PAs, AAs

threatened with losing their charitable status, promises of honours, MBEs etc might colour their approach

the comittee refuse to allow votes on submitted motions

Clare Gerada, "how to improve NHS GP practice"!!!

(just like the BDA who meekly accepted the 1990 contract-£1.90/month capitation for children...)

The ARRS GP fund will not allow practices to recruit new GPs, lost if not used for PAs...

Bed blocking: pharmacies should be opn 24hours, discharge cubicles built and staffed, monitored, to open beds for new patients

rather than 1st class post, why not (encrypted) emails, avoid duplcate letters

government strategies: flood NHS with PAs and AAs, unregulated, no limits on treatments they provide-subdural heamatomas, endoscopies, deaths...

same day treatment hubs-like Centene-many unqualified PAs, no supervising GP

announced, then withdrawn for the moment in London

ARRS GPs cannot afford added GPs, bribed into using allARRs for PAs

underfund GPs -2% this year

cannot pay staff 6%

inflation at 7%

underfund Trusts

PFI dictates smaller hospitals, fewer beds, fewer doctors, nurses, midwives, anaethetists

Hutton urges more PFI...

Enemies: Frost, Truss, Andrews, Hunt, Hutton (more PFI...)

Every so often, some useful idiot is sent out to propose the next strand in destruction of the NHS

now, cataracts are proposed to be not free under the NHS, "as so many are provided privately..."

next-hips, knees,


Will Starmer and Streeting force expansion PAs and AAs, swamping GP surgeries and threatening their survival?


Will same day treatment hubs be formed... ?

How far away from "my" GP Health Centre?

IT in the NHS:

Hospitals want a good, univeral, workable IT software with useable terminals, laptops

GPs want a server in practice, linked to county, with all details on one system-not forced to use Heste software (is it any good-many discard Hester's Phoenix system), Palentir (Thiel says "once we are in, they will have to like it"!!!)

Why not a JD, GP vote on the bet useable system...?

Every party wants AI, GPT to write discharge notes. Patients prefer accurate discharge notes, want discharge rapidly, not waiting for a JD to have time, waiting for pharmacy to reopen the next day...

Hunt's promise of UK wide IT patient records was a conspicuous failure

National Audit Office: Hospital Information Support system-no full business case appraisal

Read Codes system (gave same number to more than 7,500 new babies)

National Electronic Patient records dismantled 2012 £12 billion

Fujitsu-hired to digitise

cancelled-Fujitsu claimed £700 million in damages

600 fax machines

79,000 clunky pagers

Check your cancer signs and symptoms

NHS Cancer checks


Social Care
-allow immigrants visa as Social Care workers, carers, and UK citizenship
-a new tax starting age 40 for Social Care
-better pay for SC workers, career progression linked to NHS pay grades

-more medical school places
-more JD training places and GP places not rationed by PAs
-stop PAs, AAs
-allow ARRS to enrol hire more GPs, not PAs
-pay surgeons for more ops-cataracts-not privatise outsource: many are willing., NHS not paying, no operating time
-more operating theatres, staffed, more operating time time
-Full pay restoration NOW
-recover money wasted Di do’s T & T: £37bn
-Mone PPE
-fund GP practice much better rather than destroy it
-recruit and retain GPs-not drive them out...

Every factual criticism is always met by NHS rebuttal… bland, untrue, spin, anodyne

“we’ve increased spending by record funding nearly £165bn a year by end of this Parliament”

“we’ve increased spending on mental health by £4.7bn since 2018/19 (nearly all outsourced, privatised...)

-”roll out mental health support teams in schools and colleges” etc etc: meaningless drivel and platitudes

-most mental beds privatised companies

Cost of living affects all frontline staff

-privatised gas, electric: Vast CEO salaries, standing charges

Social care-Unpaid carers Many in need of care themselves-have to give up work: Mortgage, food, heat...
Bureaucratic nightmare
Kate Garraway is £1.5bn in debt: husband Derek Draper’s care £4000 a week-excluding rehabilitative therapy

I try to approach policy from a sensible centre ground: this government has wasted lots, given lots to their rich pals.

NHSW and Social Care, Carers should be priority


Stop purchaser/provider 7%

Stop privatisation-the NHS performs much better

Stop tax havens

Tax Oil, Google, Amazon wisely & correctly...


Compare Iceland, Norway-a surplus and good services