The Tories:

As a political term, Tory was an insult (derived from the Middle Irish word tóraidhe, modern Irish tóraí, meaning "outlaw", "robber", from the Irish word tóir, meaning "pursuit" since outlaws were "pursued men") that entered English politics during the Exclusion Bill crisis of 1678–1681.

Statement by the tóraidheTory government

We made a complete Horlicks of
-regulating the city, the sub prime mortgage giveaways, separating banks gambling divisions from the retail customers
-the pandemic VPI Lane dodgy deals, Di do’s No test, no trace, PPI procurement, stocks, sourcing,
-old people’s homes,
-dismissed Exercises Alice and Cygnus
-allowed Truss to overborrow, wreck mortgages, hike interest rates,
-allowed cowboy privatisation (privatise the World-Letwin, Redwood) to take humongous profits for CEOs, shareholders- and tripled water, gas and electricity prices
-spent money like water

-So now we cannot build other than micro hospitals with too few beds, doctors, nurses
-cannot rebuild the crappy PFI hospitals built from balsa wood and RAAC
-cannot restore frontline staff pay-so they leave…
-refuse to cease ICBoards which suck money, only told to ration, save money
-refuse to cease purchaser provider-ditto
-refuse to end overseas tax havens
-refuse to tax Google, aAmazon
-refuse to claim all taxes owed
-refuse reclaim fraud-Mone, Di do et all…

We, the Tory government, apologise unreservedly for our failings-
But as a consequence, we have to end the NHS and impose compulsory private US style private health insurance… there is no more money…

Soz! Thirteen years of tóraidhe




Are Labour any better? Do we have any hope of a publicly funded NHS free from privatisation leeches sucking CEO salaries, shareholder dividends from our taxes???


It is a grave mistake to allow Palantir the default NHS software system
also totally foolish to let Palantir have all the NHS patient data for the Federated Data Platform. Data is worth £11 billion, and will probably be sold to US style medical private insurance companies to promote or eliminate patients from insurance.

Update: despite widespread concerns, BMA especially, government have awarded Palentir the FDP contract...

Palentir helped US immigration dept to track citizens. This lead to parents being arrested, seperated from children, and deported.

It could relay NHS data to UK immigration.

Derbyshire on Palentir

Opt out link (for what it's worth)

Sam Smith GLP on Palentir

Derbyshire on Palentir

Sam Smith, GLP, on Palentir


It seems to me that , as Thiel says, the data can be sold with the agreement of the NHS (Sunak)

and would enable a massive ad campaign targeting rich, low risk private health insurance patients-

further enabling more privatisation, more dismantling of our NHS

Does Sunak have any offshore accounts? Does Sunak or Mrs Sunak, get a cut of any deals?

Physician Associates
PA’s should NOT be registered with the GMC-which is for bona fide five years medical school genuine doctors.
They should not have identical registration numbers
to fool patients…

Barclay is using Physician Associates to undermine the BDA-DANGEROUSLY!!!

Question: Have the GMC, the Royal College of Physicians been steam rollered by government to accept this?

Full pay restoration should at least be started-
-as in Scotland (No strikes, competent ministers!)

Doctors are burnt out, underpaid, GPs have lower funding despite higher “productivity”
and cannot afford frontline staff recruitment, lower workload, and cannot afford locums after gas, electric etc

We must RETAIN more GPs, not see them wasted by retirement, drop out…
Reduce Quality Care Outcome paperwork, better IT systems and clerical, assistance...

Maternity, nursing, radiographers, oncologists all negligently undermanned-

Campaigners are blue in the face trying to stop the Tories long wished aim to dismantle our NHS and Social Care-started by Thatcher, Howe, Clark …, over the last thirteen years...

An improved NHS can be paid for by

-stop Clinical Commissioning Boards, Integrated Care Systems-merely devices to ration care and reduce spending, thousands in salaries...

-sttop purchaser provider

-Make Google, Amazon pay fair taxes

-Stop overseas tax havens

-Collect all taxes due

-Collect evaded, avoided tax

-Stop fraud Covid payments

-Recover payments-Di do, Mone, furlough...

-Stop spending tax money like water (T&Trace, Di do, Mone et al) on non-priorities...

The NHS and Social Care should be the UK's biggest priority!!!




Who is Kate Andrews-who never describes her occupation in Telegraph articles?

To say that Kate Andrews lives in the shadows would be unfair-possibly hanging upside down in a cupboard but not so much in the shadows. However, she does not appear to have a wiki profile so finding out much about her is a little challenging.
What we do know is that she is economics editor at the far right Spectator magazine and a machine head for other far right organisations internationally.
In order to get close and do the citizen media thing we only had to turn to twitter. There the work is done and sentence passed.
So what do we have:
Former employee/Current assistant director of Institute of Economic Affairs (told you info was a little challenging).
Wants NHS to be sold in to private sector
Corporate lobbyist
Former member of the Adam Smith Institute
So called libertarian.

Now before we go any further this libertarian stuff needs to be addressed. It is a badge worn by those who are either very stupid or who intend to deceive for their own self interests. Why?
Please take a pew and have a munch on this.


And all it took was 12 years of chronic underfunding. For the avoidance of doubt, Kate Andrews and Fraser Nelson are not honest brokers here. In fact they're dreadful, dreadful people who want to kill off the NHS.

Public opinion is turning on the NHS, says Kate Andrews

Telegraph article, no description, 19.11.23