February blog

Many believe the Tory strategy, since Thatcher, Howe, Redwood and Letwin, is to run down the publicly funded NHS so much, that they can say “the only answer is to privatise it…”
They may accept they will lose the election, so want to go out with a bang…

Nurse leader: privatisation

They block pay negotiations, accept staff shortages-because the profiteers can reduce numbers, reduce wages, knowing demand will fall because healthcare is more expensive.

Plan: give the Academy Trust hospitals, and Reform Trust hospitals to United Health, Centene, Ramsey and co-”you have control”, we have no responsibility...

They own the hospitals, employ staff, sell insurance… as in the Kaiser model from the US

Since 2010, McKinsey, (whose unique selling point is to privatise), have been inserted into every quango in the NHS-
The D of Health, No 10, Boris, Sunak (who met profiteers last week to “help” the NHS)
Monitor (which oversee the Trusts)
Clinical Commissioning Groups-who accept D o Health and NHS England rationed budgets
Integrated Care Boards-who have to stay in the black by rationing services...
Think Tanks
Ex NHS ministers to and fro between McKinsey, United Health, Centene, Optum
Forming the secret (no board papers, in secret) Local Area Teams, Commissioning support groups
while Ministers lie “we love the NHS, the NHS has all the funding it needs, No plans to privatise it...”

ISTCs were privately funded, get better than tariff, worse results, simpler cases only: NHS sorts out the mistakes, pays damages
Darzi centres were privately funded, extremely expensive to run-folded

Patricia Hewitt
recently hired by Sunak
led “decoupling” at BT-give bits to profiteers
went to Cineven who bought BUPA...

Alan Milburn
bought in AQProvider, Trust hospitals, Concordat to allow profiteers to supply NHS
advises Bridgepoint
Care UK sold dominant share to Bridgepoint
Set up Extended choice network

Netcare bought out General Healthcare 2006
Cineven bought Bupa’s hospitals
Bridgepoint rescued Care UK 2010

Penny Dash advises private equity groups, left D o H to McKinsey, now partner
McKinsey director Dr David Bennet became CEO Monitor
was chief policy advisor to Blair

Lansley 2012 Monster act: S o State Health has no duty to provide comprehensive care...
Mar 2011 chairman of Monitor

Penny Dash formed Darzi 2007 proposal-lied that 70% of A & E could go to GP
cut staffing by 66%, GP consultations by 33%, spending on doctors by 40%

McKinsey David Craig “has unprecedented power over British citizens under New Labour
helps profiteers gain access to public sector services
to privatise

Advised Rail network private company to abandon regular cycle of maintenance to patch and mend-accidents- renationalised under Network Rail

Produced financial analysis Nicholson productivity savings 2009

CCGs-McKinsey fundamental-change to private provision, not publicly provided
FESC World class commissioning DoH and McKinsey

Profiteers ran CCGs, commissioning from profiteers

PCTs abolished, Strategic H As -input from McKinsey, Ernst & Young, Kaiser Permanente, Dr Foster

Even back then, profiteers were infiltrating NHS healthcare-INTENTIONALLY.