When in that House M.P.'s divide,
If they’ve a brain and cerebellum, too,
They’ve got to leave that brain outside,
And vote just as their leaders tell 'em to.
But then the prospect of a lot
Of dull M. P.’s in close proximity,
All thinking for themselves, is what
No man can face with equanimity. G&S

His indenture specifies that he remain apprenticed to the pirates until his "twenty-first birthday", meaning that he must serve for another 63 years.[

Dangers to the NHS

Trusts were urged to sell all land-leaving no no prudent surplus to build new facilities without demolishing existing buildings.
Kings Lyn is held up by hundreds of Acrow props, should have been rebuilt by now...

Assess-to-discharge pods, properly staffed-can ease bed blocking!

Covid treatment pods-may allow a general hospital to treat routine cases

More operating theatre time allows surgeons to reduce lists...

Complete lack of frontline staff retention and no training places for real medics-

taken by PAs-rushed in surreptitiously to fool the public- worse skills,

requires FPRestoration to entice and retain medics- otherwise they will
use the UK to train, then emigrate to Europe, Canada, Australia, NZ…

Too few staff, doctors, nurses, beds, A&E cubicles, ambulances

New ISTCentres to clear backlogs, privately owned, privately run, taking teams from NHS, high cost, can go bankrupt, worse results...

Continued outsourcing, private sector-30% more expensive, destroys NHS teams, specialities

GPs grossly undermanned, overloaded, burnt out, moral distress. leaving and closing GP practices

Governments are criminally bigoted, intent on mixed funding, with absolutely no mandate from electorate

taking huge chunks from our NHS tax money to their cronies, each getting % cuts

Private US style private profiteer health insurance: they have no ambulances, no A and E, no staff without using the NHS to train

Maternity failing-no gas&air, too few midwives, too few JDs and Consultants

Cancer too few GPs, delayed appointments, slow referral, few scanners, few diagnostics, few scan readers, too few radiographers, too few oncologists, nurses…

Social care destroyed, bed blocking

Palantir’s NHS software-too dominant

FDP risk of selling to private companies, promoting private
scans, Private health insurance refusal or selling...

Spying on bank accounts of benefit recipients

Anti strike laws

Kate Andrews, Truss, all the extreme right wing “no taxes, no public services”

Labour-Wes Streeting especially


The Covid Inquiry: too late, not forensic, unanswered questions...

Physician Associates, PAs, are carefully-named to imply “a physician, a doctor”, to fool the patients and public that they are being seen by a real doctor.
A real doctor is registered with the GMC to protect patients.
PAs are registered with the GMC who have been given millions to accept them, register, but not regulate them.

Valid consent cannot be given if the patient does not know the name and qualification of the Doctor or PA

Saying "I am a member of the clinical team" is not sufficient.

Compensation for a botched procedure requires the indemnifier to be known (Medical Protection Society, or xyz Hospital Trust

All frontline staff in the NHS wear the same colour scrubs-to fool the patients into believing a ward, a department, is well-staffed…
Barclay admitted PAs were invented to undermine and overcome the BMA-who the government regards as “the enemy”.

Treasury for years has preened itself on reducing the size and number of hospitals, (PFI dictated smaller, fewer beds, doctors, nurses, midwives-the most batshit crazy way to build new hospitals, on the cheap with RAAC)

The UK should have a prudent surplus of doctors, nurses, beds, hospitals, A & E cubicles…

For years I have campaigned, with thousands of others-to make the NHS and Social Care the one thing governments (even an incompetent, bigoted Tory government) can do well-to compensate for all the other cock-ups, corruption, criminal negligences, profiteering etc, lies, PPE (Di do Harding £37 billion), Mone etc, Boris Covid, Rwanda, privatisations-batshit crazy policies

Lynton Crosby advised the Tories not to talk about the NHS (MPs-You never reply or acknowledge any NHS communications, vote for Rwanda batshit, always vote with government, hoping for a Lordship…)

PAs are paid more than real Doctors, supposedly have to be supervised, but usually are not-even brain surgery, often kill patients, have no indemnity cover (does the Trust pay out for all their negligence?)

Real Doctors are liable under the GMC for advising the “supervising, expert (!!!) PAs” give to real Doctors (!!!)
and real doctors are liable if ill events result: they will refuse to accept this-leave for Australia, Canada-just as government want in their bid to end the NHS, and force profiteer private health insurance

PAs are ill -conceived admin assistants, designed to dilute and reduce the clinical quality levels of medicine in the NHS-to urge patients who can to pay for private profiteer health insurance (pre-existing not covered)

No private insurer can provide ambulance services, (NHS ten hour waits outside A & E, after 15 hour wait for ambulance...), nor RTA, fractures, hip fracture #nof, cardiac, childbirth!


The Treasury cannot afford to improve the NHS-

Spend existing tax funds more wisely-
End purchaser provider
End ICBs and endless salaries
End outsourcing and privatisation
Recover Di do’s £37 billion
Recover Mone’s 60 million
Recover PPE money
Google, Amazon pay proper UK tax
End overseas tax havens
End waste of frontline staff leaving
Full Pay restoration
End AAs and PAs
Frontline to get free designated parking, hot food and drinks 24hr

Tory government tactics-as always-is to drive real Doctors iout of our NHS, and hire Physician Associaters and Anaesthetic Associates on far higher pay...


McKinsey-"we will privatise the World" Redwood, Letwin

Palentir Thiel supports Trump, wants to stop Obamacare, wants to privatise the NHS...

Palentir can sell this £11 billion data with agreement of government...

Who gets a % cut???



What causes prescription medicines shortage in UK?

Pharmaceutical Journal Shortages


BMJ Shortages


In emergency, a single mum needs urgent penillin for her child...

There should be an emergency courier bike to take the medicine from a supplier database to the patient's house


Should the UK always be selling companies to foreigners?
Double 2 was sold, the buildings sold off, workers fired and the Chinese got the trademark!
Foreign companies are sold car firms-Jaguar, Land Rover, Nissan operate here-do all the profits stay in the UK or abroad?
Cobham sold, the vaccine labs sold-anything of value sold off regardless…
Heathrow, water companies… How does this help the UK economy?

Privatisation gives CEOs , directors and shareholder huge sums-the customers pay higher prices!
Some countries tax oil highly and have a surplus balance-which they use to give homeless and needy citizens vital help
They have a good publicly funded health service-why do we continue Thatchers “privatise everything and let them fail?"

There are still many ultra right wing influences like Kate Andrew, Liz Truss
who push through
-no right to strike
-face recognition systems using driving licence images, passport images
-and spy ability on anyone receiving any state payments, benefits ot pensions

Andrews quietly suggests means testing pensions
Pensions are built up by working hard: they should not be affected by chance lucky breaks like investments, lottery wins etc



US style private profiteer health Insurance

Very rarely, if ever, covers pre-existing conditions (cannot insure agaist these risaks-you have them already!!!

Many claims go to dispute over copayments, scope of treatment. The insurance industry are reknowned for exemptions, avopiding payment. Superman actor found spinal injuries not covered, had to self pay or crowdfund. Many bancruptcies...!!!



NHS Tribunals, Discipliary hearings rarely record submissions and testimony accurately

a video recorder is very useful...