July 4th election

Governments: Make the NHS and Social Care the one thing the UK can be proud of: to compensate for all the corruption, theft, cash to buddies, years of underfunding, crass dismantling...

The Secretary of State Health Minister should have the duty to provide a comprehensive health service

Full pay restoration for frontline staff

Curtail and cease outsourcing, privatisation and hospital chains-they cannot provide capacity, take real NHS teams

Stop the waste of early retirement, quitting, emigration, burnout

End purchaser provider

Tax Amazon, Google, Starbucks fairly, tax oil

Collect unpaid, evaded taxes-£160billion

Ban overseas tax havens

Increase GP funding to recruit, retain, hire new GPs

Build discharge-to-assess staffed pods until Social Care funded properly
-helps ambulance handovers

Cancers-urgently need more cancer staff, scanners, scan readers

Cease Community hubs-privately owned, privately run, with many PAs, few real Doctors

Build more diagnostic centres-in Hospitals, publicly owned, publicly run

Ban gambling adverts, ban smoking, vaping

ration alcohol


No party reveals their true plans in manifestos:

As Phil Hammond said: "with a big majority, they (Boris's lot) can do anything they want...

Streeting and Starmer have taken bungs from private medical firms-so we are likely to get

-community hubs-no GPs, many PAs (like Centene's practices

-More NHS money going to private chains, organisations (sic)...

Philip Banfield BMA speech


Many people claim that the NHS is unaffordable: some of these, like Farage, have vested interests in a US style insurance system-they want their insurance mates to make billions from health care

There is plenty of money-held by the ultra rich and some of these multi-millionaires at Davos actually say “tax us more fairly, slightly higher…"

The right wing Media, like The Times, Daily Telegraph, Palantir, Trump all want to abolish the NHS
-in theory for a smaller state to reduce taxes,
but in practice to fill their boots with insurance profits: US style private health insurance costs five times as much as the NHS, billions in administration, top-ups, excess, refuse treatment, leading to 550,000 bankruptcies each year…

without the equity of everybody receiving treatment regardless of income...


A "Strategic Health Authority" fits the bill...

ITV New NHS problems

Also YouTube search ITV news NHS problems

Please vote tactically FOR the NHS

Manifestos and pledges

Every manifesto is a hopeful work of fiction. Each party wants to fool you into voting for them...

Blair promised to end purchaser provider-which consumes 25% of the NHS budget, then reverse ferret, intensified and worsened it!!!

"If you are going to do something nasty-do it in the first few weeks: everybody forgets later..."


"No reorganisation:" then forced through Lansleys 2012 Monster dismantling, atomising, perivatising bill


40 new hospitals... not one started: Kings Lynn RAAC collapsing!!!

The Tories Trojan Horses

Kaiser Permanente-

where a profiteer corporation

-Owns the Hospitals

-Employs the Doctors

-Who sell Insurance, scans, tests...


(Un)Accountable Care Organisations, now rebranded (Dis)Integrated Care Boards (to sound good-like Momma's Apple Pie)

-but evil entities to deny care and increase profits...

Julia Patterson, EveryDoctor, on state of the NHS

Total lack of funded frontline workforce plan

The frontliners- Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Radiologists, Scan readers all need FPR

-retention to stop the exodus




Victoria Atkins seems to be a dumb puppet, has been totally unseen...: told by Sunak and Hunt NOT to speak to JDs No Full pay restoration!!!


Wes Streeting has received bungs and bribes from private health provider companies (£250,000): BEWARE! He is a dangerous man to be Health Secretary. Lets hope he loses in Ilford North...

ADHD Autism Guide Guardian

Inside Farage and Reform! Download and open...

In the "hustings", manifestos are outright lies!!!

Victoria Atkins lies about

-Full time Equivalent GPs

-Hospital beds

-Waiting times

Waiting times are often caused by surgeons willing to operate,
but lack of operating time, theatres, theatre teams, beds...

and Trusts being unwilling to pay-part of purchaser/provider to stay within the meagre budget awarded

GP funding

GPs are the bedrock of the health service: they act as gatekeepers to the NHS, diagnosing, forming a plan, referring to specialists.

Their partnership practices need more funding, more doctors, paid for from the ARRS fund-which currently prohibits spending on needed GPs, allows unecessary PAs...

Agenda for Change awarded 6%-practices unable to afford this for their staff....

GPs income falls by 30% as medical inflations is 10%, general inflation has been 8% for years...

GP centres are closing at an unprecidented rate.

Maternity care

NHS maternity care should be a proud priority: Midwives are leaving because of understaffing, fear of mistakes, too few beds, nurses, obstericians, anaethetists, epidurals...

Many practice privately-a new boom in demand for safer, better ...care

Full pay restoration
More GPS, no stopping and blocking training places, in favour of unwanted PAs, more accreditation centres
More JDs
More nurses more midwives more obstetricians, Anaethetists

Stop AAs, PAs

Anonymous whistleblowers
Permanently sack managers, do not protect, do not promote managers who obey NHSEngland to penalise and bully doctors, nurses, midwives

Purchaser provider

Stop Purchaser provider, which takes 25% of NHS budget...

Bed blocking
-build "Discharge pods" to Assess patients able to leave, but need social care plan, district nurses, health visitors.
-improve Social care, district nurses, health visitors
-A&E "drop in pods" to assess patients- This frees ambulance drop offs....

More ambulances, more paramedics and ambulance drivers

Governments: Make the NHS and Social Care the one thing the UK can be proud of: to compensate for all the corruption, theft, cash to buddies,
The project to force the unwise, unnecessary introduction of Physician Associates, PAs, and Anaesthetic Associates, AAs, has been an underhand and concerted effort by the Tories-introduced in a Special Instrument, not in Parliament, but the Lords in a late night sitting swelled by Tory Lords.

Lord Bethell and PAs

PAs are unwanted, dangerous and merely a way to fool the patients that understaffing has been sorted.
PAs should NOT block training for REAL Doctors, GPs especially.
In GP, they SHOULD be supervised 1-to-1 by a REAL GP, the patient re-examined, and treatment verified. This often does not happen: it doubles the work of the REAL GP -with eleven years training, not a quack two year mini course-who puts his GMC licence at risk for the PA’s errors.

The GMC has been paid £800,000 to £2 million to register PAs, AAs on the same register as real Doctors-precisely to fool the public.

Do not consent to a PA, AA. Ask for the real Doctor to re-examine and agree the diagnosis and treatment.

Gimmicks like pharmacists dealing with minor illnesses “have the same limitations” often referring onwards to a GP-cancelling the cost advantage…

GP partnerships cannot recruit and hire more GPs-the ARRS fund prohibits this: they can use the ARRS fund for PAs-if not used, removed…

22,000 PAs, 2000 AAs are planned.

The Anaethetists and BDA have asked for Judicial Review, and the GMC are being sued for their cowardly subservience to Tory government diktat.

Funding for GP has shrunk-2% this year. GPs cannot afford the rising costs of inflation, cannot afford to pay their shard working staff the miserly 6% Agenda for change award.

Many partnerships are handing in their contracts-unable to survive because of criminal government underfunding.
Truss sank the economy. Hunt has to reduce borrowing-and cannot or will not raise taxes to fund the NHS and Social Care, and GP correctly.

The IEAis a secretive right wing neo-liberal organisation.
Some of it’s pearls of wisdom include
“Doctors do not need training: anybody can learn on the job…”
hence the proliferation of quack PAs…

Would you consent to an AA giving your anaesthetic, “supervised” by a real anaesthetist several theatres away, supervising three other AAs at once???