May Blog

Doctors only want their pay restoring

-to the same level as MPs award themselves...



Our NHS is not broken

-it has been intentionally underfunded

-Doctors and Dentists Review Body has been repeatedly used to keep every other sector pay down

When the UK (and every other country!) urgently needs more medics, medic tuition fees should be zero, nursing bursaries replaced, midwives given free training.

Although training double the number of medics is essential, hospital training places also need to be doubled -anaethetists are stopped in their tracks due to few training places-even though we are desperately short....

Retention is most important as it takes eleven years to train a GP.-full pay restoration is essential, otherwise a brain drain.

Whizzy apps, websites, AI cannot replace a trusted GP. GPs are leaving in drover: the remaining GPs are burnt out, anxious, depressed at the overload...

Both Labour and Tories say the NHS is broken: they want a new model-involving mixed private health insurance,

and many private profiteer providers, with employed medics-as in the Kaiser Permanente model, the Valencia model wanted by Hunt-who wrote a book “How to privatise the NHS”.

Dentists have nil faith in government,

-ever since

-fees for items were cut after initial rush for treatment 1948

-always cast as greedy, overpaid (Peter Bottomley, husband of Virginia Bottomley, when given dentist’s accounts, said “these accounts do not show great earnings…”)

BDA leaders were threatened with house seizure/ sequestration if they advised going private-an audience member was co opted to suggest this…

Now, DHSS threatens nursing union RCN with high court action over a technicality: this makes nurses incandescent-more will leave the NHS for private, other countries, quit,

There are inevitably suggestions of taking the NHS out of control of Money Markets, Treasury and politicians-with suggestions of a Royal Commission

but a Royal Commission can be stuffed with
Private profiteer Insurance enthusiasts/addicts

The Kaiser Permanente model lets a huge corporation own the hospitals, employ the doctors, and sell insurance...

Valencia system-espoused by Hunt

Truss upset the Money markets-which leads to Hunt trying to prove he is a “hard man” chancellor, “no money for anything”

Barclay-ditto: installed to be a hard man bully boy...

The nurses are angry and riled, the Junior Doctors are angry and are riled, GPs are angry and riled, Consultants are angry and riled…

but highly paid government lackeys in Managed Care Organisations, CEOs, ICBs ACOs, CCGs happy to keep their zillion pound salaries…

A publicly-funded, tax funded, NHS under the responsibility of the Health Secretary (Barclay!!!) to provide a comprehensive NHS is the most equal, inexpensive quality health system…

Since Lansley’s Monster Act 2012, and H&SC Act 2021-the Secretary of State for Health has No Duty to provide a comprehensive Health Service.

Norway and Iceland have a tax publicly funded NHS-model system-and it is very effective!

In 2008 when Blair was ousted, the NHS SERVICE was operating well.

Since 2010, with austerity, Lansleys’ Monster privatisation Act, and the 2021 Health and Social care Act-the Minister for Health has no duty to provide a comprehensive health SERVICE.

Privatisation and outsourcing has transformed our NHS into a cess pit of profiteers-whose duty is to maximise profit for shareholders and executives,

taking the mix of treatment away from NHS hospitals, who have still to treat the complex cases...

Cease purchaser provider,

cease Managed Care Organisations, Health Maintenance Organisations -who maximise profit by refusing treatment

Cease CCGs and ICBs, with all the mega salaries, contracts, who have to cut treatment to be under the Treasury-imposed funds

they name “treatments of limited value” -varicose veins, hearing aids, second hip...treatment for men, say (facetious is one of many words with all vowels in correct order…!)

Cease oversea tax havens

Cease tax fraud-collect all taxes

Legislate for Google, Amazon to pay proper taxes

Cease contracts given to chums for PPE, Di do’s Test and Trace failure

Operating theatres and waiting lists

To achieve greatest efficiency, every section of the NHS must be operating sweetly in synchrony....

Urgently need more beds, a maintenance budget for alterations, repair RAAC crumbling hospitals, and frontline well-paid happy staff

Need more operating theatres, happy theatre nurses, surgeons

A & E require more beds to admit patients, and allow swift unload from ambulances, more staff, well-paid “junior” doctors...

Bed blocking needs rapid pharmacy and discharge care and discharge beds/pods...

In some cases, a surgeon is only able to operate once a fortnight

Instead of “waging war” on frontline staff-talk, discuss, improve…