"Reviews" and "reforms"

Thatcher began with "a review of mining"...and look where that ended up!!!
- she wanted the NHS/Care to be run like a business...,
and announced the "Griffiths review"-by a Sainsbury's manager for Chrissakes...
Managers for the NHS and Care services are nothing like a supermarket man,
where profit is the first duty...

New Labour was obsessed with NHS becoming a purchaser, not a provider,
privateer profiteers set up the Independent Sector Treatment Centres,
and used PFI secretively: there is no transparency, details witheld...
Labour in 2009 commissioned McKinsey report (after the banking crash)
unconnected propsals, with no evidence, 124 PowerPoint slides-20% cost savings

Labour disowned it, refused to publish it
Lansley ridiculed Labour, then published it

Lansley was gagged before the election, Conservatives promised “no reform”
Freedom of Information Act was flouted, refused to publish the “Risk register”

The Coalition government decided what they would reveal, redact everything…
10,000 NHS jobs were threatened, foreshadowing the Five Year Forward view,
-demanded 15-22% increased productivity
-10% reduction in staff
-reduction in medical school places !!! “to avert a surplus of doctors”(if only!!!)
-older GPs and community nurses were offered early retirement
-reduced tariff for hospital’s treatment, savings in community and mental health
-selling “spare” land and buildings
-treatments “no, or limited or clinical benefit “, hip and knee, cataracts, hernias

Labour kept it secret until after the election, Lansley published it after winning...

The US and TTIP
EU competition law asserts the right to provide"
privateers can muscle in on public dsector, including the NHS
are we free of the EU: NO!!!

EU will sign up to TTIP seeks to let US privateers to enter UK NHS
secret courts, opens to competition
The US will get access to our NHS: NO QUESTION!!!

Once allowed in, cannot revert to public ownership