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Foundation Trusts are supposed to be able to set their own frontline staff salaries-
Could this not be a way forward to start full pay restoration?


The Doctors Review Body is certainly NOT independent!!! Barclay omits to say that

members are selected BY THE GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT dictate the maximum percentage...

GOVERNMENT often cut or delay the award...

Retention is not helped by constant low pay...



Wes Streeting Labour conference2021

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3Ubwqh6crg (select-right click...)

Wes Streeting Conference 2023


A much more confident, "believer" speech, delivered forcefully, with spontaneous applause, not a stilted wait for response!

-better comitment to a publicly funded NHS, and Social care plan

-IF it can be delivered with little money from Treasury

-Comitment to more doctors, more training, more nurses, midwives

-Patient with cancer, ribs, pelvis, 15 hour wait in makeshift shelter

-Highest waiting lists ever

-shortage of GPs

-Stroke-wait of 1 hour exceeded

-100,000 vacancies

-Waiting lists were 4.5 million before pandemic

-cancer-longest ever waits for treatment

-89,000 more nurses

-publicly funded, free (but independent sector treatment, suppliers?)

-modernise workforce plan, doctors and nurses

-double doctors, 10,000 more nurses, midwives

prevention., early treatment-


-mental care staff

-social care pay and conditions, a National Care Service

-Ten year plan-in comunity ??? Kaiser Permanente, Acc Care Orgs

-in home-district nurses double

-health visitors-high caseload, add 5,000

-more science, more tecnology, virtual wards ??? self refer when appropriate, choice ??? private, Fasce to Face, phone, videolink

Barclay at Conference2023 Steve Barclay's Tory Speech... (select-right click...)

A very short speech proposing nothing!

The whole point of conferences is to project the illusion that everything is going well!
Reality never enters the room!
State the bleeding obvious!
Ignore the real problems:

-frontline staff leaving,
-shortage of GPs, nurses, anaethetists, midwives, crumbling hospitals, too few scanners, beds...
-no free designated parking for staff, no subsidised food and drink 24 hr
-no subsidised accomodation for rotations.(Parking for caravanns?)
-stop woke, use common sense! Disband the woke manager set
-all frontline already use "he, she", and accomodate all variations.
-need more frontline staff, more single consulting rooms.
-demonise doctors...
-discharge pods to free up beds
-admission pods while a real bed is found...
-deal with non-issues LGBT rights already accomodated
-be a bigot "We know what a woman is"-delights the paid-up members who vote for next leader...
-big up the non-existant workforce plan
-no retention, no Full Pay Restoration, no funding...
-provide enough training places for double the doctors..

The Tories try to demonise doctors

-didn't say anything about Boris and Sunak spending money like tapwater...
-didn't say anything about Truss exploding the economy...
-didn't say anything about record debt...
-no money left for the important things-the NHS!
-unless the rich pay taxes directly proportional to their income...

the electorate see right through them...

Keep Our NHS Public supporters stopped from Tory Conference

The General Practitioners:

What needs changing to encourage and retain GPs?
Full pay restoration, after deducted partnership expenses individually reimbursed!

No tuition fees to repay?
Double medic places and training places
Less CQO paperwork
Double GPs in each practice..
Stop MPs, cabinet ministers, media like the Torygraph, denigrating GPS

Quality and Outcomes Framework payments

The Quality and Outcomes Framework accounts for around 10 per cent of a practice’s income. The Quality and Outcomes Framework is a voluntary programme that practices can opt in to in order to receive payments based on good performance against a number of indicators. In 2018/19 more than 95 per cent of practices took part. The framework covers a range of clinical areas, for example, management of hypertension or asthma; prescribing safety; or ill health prevention activity. Each area has a range of indicators that equate to a number of Quality and Outcomes Framework points.
The Pulse magazine for GPs

How GPs are paid...

Key NHS statistics (House of Commons)

Being a fulltime GP unmanageable...

Rebuild General Practice

With twice the number of GPs, they could provide 7 day servive, Out of hours...

GPs are the absolute bedrock of the NHS! Partnership model succeeds! GPs act as the familiar family conact with the NHS and hospital referrals...

They provide 90% of first contacts with 20% fewer GPs, and practices closing at record rate.

Labour's Wes Streeting urges more salaried doctors-but who sets the salary, and who sets the pay, rules, terms and conditions? GOVERNMENT-NOT THE DDRBody

Every Doctor Julia Patterson Critical

London Health Emergency

NHS Campaigns

The Lowdown

Keep Our NHS Public

Health Campaigns Together

Save Our NHS

We Own It

Peoples Assembly Against Austerity

NHS Millions

National Pensioners Association

Centre for Health and Public Interest


Medact Patients not Passports

Disabled People against Cuts

Doctors for the NHS



Edward Davey MP
House of Commons

Dear Sir Edward,

I was very glad to hear your proposals for the NHS and Social Care

The campaigner’s greatest fear is that both Tory and Labour will issue a joint statement that the NHS will be sold off, or given, to Simon Stevens and United Health, to form a Kaiser Permanente setup, BEFORE THE ELECTION.

where the profiteer corporation
owns the hospitals
employs all doctors
sells insurance
(with Palantir’s data, worth £11billion-to high risk, low profit, exclude from insurance!)

If you form the balance of power-we would hope you attone for blindly accepting Lansley’s 2012
and the 2021 H&SC Act
both of which allowed profiteer firms to provide NHS treatment

and erased the duty of the S o S Health “to provide a comprehensive NHS”


Steve Sanford retired NHS dentist!



15 Sudbeck Lane
Lincoln LN2 3JF where Edward Leigh never answers concerns about the NHS!!!

Lady Hallett
House of Lords

Dear Lady Hallett,

There seems to be the most unreasonable delay in accessing Boris’s phones-both main and burner phones-band in accessing his texts-both visible and erased by the Signal app-which arases texts after a preset time…

Surely, the time has come to access these phones and messages from cabinet ministers and advisors asap!


Steve Sanford
15 Sudbeck Lane
Lincoln LN2 3JF



RCS England website has a resource to check a Cosmetic Surgeon is on the specialist register


Royal College of Surgeons