Truisms (or not?...)

-The least expensive way to collect funds for NHS & SC is through tax system.

-Taxes, ring-fenced for the NHS and SC, should be directly proportional to income.

-Private and NHS care should be entirely separate-private taking no money or staff from the NHS

-NHS England is a mad experimental area for privatisation, Marketisation

-Scotland, Wales, N Ireland reject experimentism, but still get limited funding from Westminster (Barnet formula)

-Marketisation, privatisation, outsourcing and profiteering requires salaries for more CEOs, Executives, Accountants, Contract solicitors, tendering-with no benefit to health care
and splits the NHS into a thousand non-communicating fragments-with no integration and cooperation

-Clinical commissioning groups exist purely so the S o State Health can impose cash rationing, and blame doctors for the mess

-Integrated Care Boards are not Integrated, are cash starved, started the year in deficit, and all “promise” to end in surplus by cutting expenditure and care

-The S O State for Health and SC has no duty to provide comprehensive health care: this duty should be reinstated

-The so-called “Independent Review Bodies” are certainly not independent, knobbled and fixed by The Markets and Treasury-as independent as slaves.

-Government state to them the budget limits of the DoH, and are composed of government selected members, who kow tow to government to keep their positions