Number Ten now regurgitates the aim to "Shrink the state, make citizens support themselves, without government help..."



The governments Resource Allocation Working Party were meant to improve equity between areas, but sustained underfunding meant closing services in one area to improve in another.

I am sure that proper funding of a public service would be less expensive that the experiments to privatise in England , and would result in better care.

The government install special advisers in the Dept of Health, and in number 10-McKinsey, United Health, Centene
The advisers on Health to Prime Ministers
John Penrose
Dido Harding

egged on by right wing newspaper and media editors regurgitate
not sustainable
ageing population
new technology
complex issues reduced to slogans
“reforms” camouflage profiteer privatisation with anodyne weasel words

Private corporations have the first duty to the shareholders-to make a profit, and pay salaries and bonuses to executives at several levels.
A doctors first duty is to his patient.

Think tanks are stuffed with selected profiteers, privatisers
The US, the richest country in the world, highest spend on health, and its lack of universal health care divides Americans culturally from the UK (and Canada-which has effectively, no parallel private system)
their propaganda machine decries the NHS as socialist, with long waits, rationing, poor quality results

the US providers massively outspend state level referendums about healthcare-results-no universal health cover

One fifth are denied because uninsured, working poor and unemployed
when attending, need to show proof of insurance and a credit card ; half of all personal bankruptcies due to costs of healthcare

Secretly, behind the scenes, unknown to voters, the government have taken over health policy with privatisers, profiteers,
The S of State for Health now does not have to provide comprehensive care.
Clinical Commissioning groups, taken over by privatisers, now dictate what is provided
Commissioning support groups, LATS secretly control CCGs, dictated to by NHS England, dictated to by Treasury…

Advised by McKinsey, United Health, Centene,
Integrated care boards, copying US Accountable Care Organisations, cherry pick inexpensive, simple patients, as a prelude to US style private health insurance, only if they can make profits: otherwise, they quit...
Foundation trust hospitals (private businesses) are to be divided into Academy Trusts and Reform Trusts-to be sold off to United Health and Centene
GP practices are being bought by Centene and United Health: if they cannot make a profit, they quit...

Private hospitals are being taken over by Centene, Hedge Funds and Bridgepoint capital
with overseas tax havens stopping tax being paid

Care homes have become huge and powerful-with profits squirrelled away in offshore tax havens; and then claiming poverty and closing, throwing patients out… They are so large they can lobby and ransom governments against control and regulation. Being private, they can charge patients...

All without the public having any clue whatsoever!
Clever, huh?

Using the distractions of partygate, Covid, cost of living rises, Ukraine, Boris and Javid hope to bludgeon through this secret agenda: THEY MUST BE STOPPED