Patients do not want a new (insurance) model-they just want the existing model to work...

The government strategy seems to be: Run down the NHS so much that they can privatise it!!!

Thatcher, Howe, Redwood and Letwin's dream...


Even the Consultants have withdrawn from the knobbled review body...

Abort this evil 2021 Health & Social care Act NOW!!!

Treasury-fund extra workforce now!!! Hunt, Javid, Barclay: if you cannot get funding for frontline staff, beds and Social care-resign!!!

The Lowdown: weekly roundup...

King Charles
Buckingham Palace
London SW1AAQ 1AA


I realise that there is a convention that the monarch should never interfere in politics, which I believe to be ridiculous! What is the point of a monarch if he cannot have a view on policy?

This is the tipping point!!!

The NHS and social care I believe is the most important public service in the UK-and is intentionally being dismantled, outsourced, privatised to profiteering organisations, intent on stealing public taxpayer’s monies to raise the salaries of profiteering executives, shareholders-their duty being to increase profits for their shareholders.

Julia Robertson has a book out, “Critical” (Amazon Kindle £10!) which I earnestly request you read.

Sunak leads a cabal in cabinet against the NHS.

I believe (as a retired NHS dentist) that the intentional dismantling of the NHS/Social care should be stopped-initially by halting wasteful, useless projects like £200 billion HS2)

to provide

1 full pay restoration for all frontline staff (for Junior Doctors, only £1billion,

retention of NHS staff leaving in droves

2 recruitment of medics (free tuition, remove treasury limit on medic places

retention and recruitment, full pay restoration of nurses, radiographers, midwives, anaethetists

3 replace all RAAC hospitals collapsing rooves etc

4 dramatically increase decimated bed numbers

Please, when you see our so-called prime minister-urge him to stop this intentional rundown off the NHS/Social care prior to privatisation-where

-hospitals are sold or given to Centene, United Health US corporations,

-employ doctors on a specific salary and draconian contract and

-sell US style insurance

Stephen Ross Sanford

[My brother in the US, Boston, has fully comprehensive health insurance, for himself, wife and child - $24,000 a year-only available to top employees, not the average citizen...]


Generally-the public are totally unaware-

The problem is, that despite campaigns such as “Keep Our NHS Public" etc, the average man on the bus is still totally unaware of the 2012 and 2021 significance- keen nerdy “students” of the NHS do know, but only a big ad in the papers, a FB campaign, or a big name (I asked Rod Stewart and Elton John!!!) will have any effect on mad Boris…

He wants a legacy, to be known as Churchill, even wants to ignore the laws of the land and courts!
Lets give him a legacy-the PM who destroyed the NHS and Social Services...

NHS exodus: Medics leave en masse after grim two years
Record numbers left in 2021-they are burnt out, anxious, depressed-they want a life...
staff exits pile on pressure-eroding goodwill
Frontline nurse tells second wave cost me my mental health and my marriage...




A massive campaign on Facebook, and Twitter, urging everybody to remember him as the NHS destroyer might get the 2012 Act repealed and 2021 Act aborted…


This government is completely mad!!! Should all cabinet members have psychiatric assessment?
Even before the 2021 Health and Social Care Act of Folly has passed, Javid wants yet another expensive reorganisation-
he wants Academy-style and Reform-style hospitals (as Academies in educashun were such a success…!)
hospitals forcibly turned into "Reform Trusts", run by "leading" (Marketisers/Privatisers) or even "outside sponsors" -like United Health or Centene...

This is a rapid rush towards Kaiser Permanente-where a US megalith owns hospitals, employs doctors on their terms, and provides health insurance to a few, not the many...

Javid, a banker, sponsored by AI businesses involved in surgery, only a few months into the job-says the changes “long predates the Covid crises”… to deflect from Boris's parties?

The lunatics have now really taken over the asylum: Javids latest wheeze is to make GPs salaried employees of Academy Trust hospitals... No independence, must not criticise, must sing the marketiser's hymn...


Sajid Javid
House of Commons

It seems you, as newly appointed SoS for Health, have concerns about the 2021 Health and Social Care Act.
Rightly so-because you personally would be responsible for destroying the NHS…

The Health and Social Care Act 2021

After Brexit-where people voted simply to LEAVE the EU-no agreement, no deal, no new Treaty, the government have embarked on a “strategy” (! ) of shrinking the state, privatising everything…, reducing taxes (!!!)
Totally unvoted for…

They were warned that the NHS workers should be given UK citizenship, (as Treasury had capped medic and nursing training places, and government had decided that importing foreign doctors, nurses and midwives was cheaper), fruit pickers, abattoir workers be given 6 month visa, HGV drivers given rollover 12 month visas-as UK workers were unwilling to take on such foul jobs.

Take Tescos-they outsourced transport to Stobarts-a private firm, whose duty is to make profit for shareholders. They provoke a strike, fire workers, reduce their wages, and cause shortages.

Privatising everything benefits their rich pals-but causes huge problems if there is not competent government oversight….

The one single thing that humanises the UK above everything else is Bevan’s NHS.

Everybody in it has the NHS vocation, the NHS ethos: you have destroyed this.

The Tories hate the NHS, have this weird belief that
-privatisation saves money-it does not
-provides better treatment-it does not
-gives choice-it does not

Private Finance Initiative should be banned under the Geneva Convention: it is pure evil.

To pay the horrendous interest, over 30-60 years, and the hospital still belongs to the hedge funds-out of revenues, means the hospital is smaller, has fewer beds, fewer staff, and can go bankrupt-or forced to merge, close.

The main evil from Lansley was to remove responsibility from the S o S to provide a comprehensive NHS. This was passed to CCG’s who could
-refuse treatment to patients not on a GP list,
-could refuse to commission certain treatments-like second hearing aid, hips, cataracts etc

This would be even worse with the 2021 Act of Folly.


David Owens Restore the NHS Act should be passed first-then mad Borisses omnishambles government should genuinely like the NHS, not destroy it with US style Accountable Care Organisations-already being forced on Londoners in preparation for US style insurance.

Oil-Rich visitors, the upper middle classes, rose-tinted MPs-who get preferential treatment-will always obtain good medical treatment.
For the rest of us, the right’s wish to “shrink the state, reduce taxes and reduce services" always leave the poorer at great disadvantage.

The NHS should reduce waste-pay off PFI’s, stop the costly purchaser/provider, stop Clinical Commissioning groups reducing services, and commit the Sec for Health to providing Health Services for everybody-including basic dentistry…

Just as Lansley was a clever “razzle dazzle ‘em” crafty way to privatise,
the unfathomable Health and Care bill 2021 is pure evil and should never be enacted.

Integrated Care Organisations are purely to allow US for profit organisations to take over contracts for huge swathes of the country, (like Operose in London), reduce beds, staff, services for greater profit for their shareholders-not for a real enhanced National Health Service.

Save Our NHS
The right course, so obviously, is to abort the 2021 Health and Social Care Act immediately, and concentrate of recruitment and training of more surgeons, doctors, nurses and midwives.
Then, urgently, form a sensible plan for the NHS and Social Care, integrating both under the NHS, before repealing the 2012 Lansley Monster Act entirely. These are the last thing the NHS needs when it is on its knees.
These were never “a step in the right direction”, purely profiteer privatising
With all the profiteer privatisation, where on earth are these corporations going to get the doctors and nurses they require? Obviously, poach them from the real NHS…

Stop purchaser/provider,
Pay off PFI
restore the duty of the SoS for Health to provide comprehensive NHS
with child protection, allow experienced, persistent older police and Social workers to interview and examine child, parents and home without prior appointment.
Explainers on

search "Sanford" on Twitter and Facebook-please repost public, retweet and retweet...

If the government is determined to promote the private sector and private health insurance

-it should be solvent on their own, not fed cash from the real taxpayer's NHS, and seperate from the NHS-with its own Mimister for Private Health

-should have its own seperate infrastructure, equipment and staffing

-there should be care beds and staff before discharge...

-they must ensure enough surgeons, doctors, nurses, midwives, radiographers and pathology experts

-the private sector should not steal staff from the real NHS

-the private sector should be self sufficient-not take NHS taxpayer funding from the NHS revenue

-should be in the black without drip feeding and bale-outs from the NHS

-private health insurance must not have limits, exemptions and be comprehensive: in the US, only very top-flight employees get RTA, strokes, cardiac, maternity, child healthcare, dental, pre-existing, for all the family-costing $21,000 a year...

Would salaried health professionals work as hard as independent contractors? Will newly qualified GPS work themselves into burnout…

Edward Leigh’s plea for tax relief for private health, to popularise private insurance, care-is no good at all without more doctors, nurses and staff… and vast new infrastructure-like Centenes investment in BMI Nottingham!

People using BUPA et all take surgeons from the NHS, and NHS taxpayer's money is used to bale the private profiteers out, until government can sell off the real NHS, being run down intentionally...

You will still pay taxes and NHI and need the real NHS for everything the private profiteers cannot provide-maternity, A&E, RTAs, stroke, Covid care, cardiac ICU, comprehensive dentistry …

Dedicated extremely skilled surgeons, doctors, GPS work hard for the NHS and privately. Many would be willing to work extra for their patients, to reduce the backlog-even for no extra pay-as long as they are nor punished with a huge extra tax bill.

A simple change of tax rule would help.

Tax relief on private medical and dental insurance takes tax monies from the Treasury, but private care steals staff from the real NHS

This 27th reorganisation might well have an opposite effect: a new GP might work for a couple of years “employed” by a Academy Trust- which is then sold to Centene- and he decides to set up a private GP Practice…

This all exemplifies government’s desire to offload the perennial problems caused by refusing to fund the real NHS, or rationing openly, and selling it off to the privateers, profiteers like Centene.

Boris's No 10 now urges "shrinking of the sstate"-euphemism for making people pay seperately for all the things we used to get from our taxes-more freeport smuggling centres, ostensibly lower taxes for the rich, more tax for the poor...

water, rates, healthcare, NHS dentistry (now withering on the vine)public transport, with poor people, vunerable people losing out, richer getting a more expensive health care, poorer getting an increasingly stretched, third world safety net service.

Is this what people want???

The NHS certainly wastes money: Purchaser/provider, PFI stealth, vast waste on over extensive, badly conceived, unnecessary IT systems, waste of surgeons, doctors, nurses, midwives and radiologists, pathologists lost by early retirement, part time working, change of career or country...

Efficiency could be improved by operating in the community, by the community, on kitchen tables, and by all staff using roller skates. "Efficiency savings" have been wrung out already: no more to be found by the frontline...

To say that private insurance is efficient is a big lie. Executives and directors taking huge salaries at every level, making profit for shareholders, with worse outcomes, stealing trained surgeons from the real NHS..., with different policies excluding certain treatments, pre-existing conditions, cherry picking and excluding unprofitable patients...

Tories-if your new proposed system of private insurance is so enviably perfect-get on and do it immediately-so we can vote you out at the next election-and best of luck when United Health and Centene throw you out on the streets when they decide its not profitable to run hospitals (Hinchingbrook) or GP practices (Centene in London, Nottingham).

Where do the profiteers get their new staff-simple, stupid-they steal them from the real NHS...

If Treasury award funding just microscopically above inflation, or even £1 above last year’s, they can say “record funding”
The NHS has seen funding frozen for a decade, “efficiency savings“ being demanded, pay bands reformed and wages cut.

“Medical inflation”-the rising cost of often foreign made anaesthetic consoles, scanners, beds, computer systems-often is far higher than “domestic” inflation-meaning urgently needed modern scanners, x-ray machines, MRI and cat scanners are not purchased in time

Independent sector treatment hubs are paid out of taxpayer funded NHS, taking funds and staff…

There are not enough radiologists, scanner operators, diagnosticians for rising cancer diagnoses

There are not enough skilled, trained cancer care nurses… resulting in deaths before treatment…

Never let a good crisis go to waste” (Churchill, US presidents, UK PMs…The earliest attribution was to the Italian Renaissance philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli, who reportedly said, “Never waste an opportunity offered by a good crisis.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt, while not using that specific phrase, made use of its meaning to promote the New Deal. It’s also been attributed to Winston Churchill, when he was working to form the United Nations after World War II. Community organizer Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals, put it this way: “In the arena of action, a threat or crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication.” More recently, the phrase was used by former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

“A good day to bury bad news”