Frontline Staffing levels

Government has now belatedly slightly increased the number of training places for medical students, but not reduced tuition fees-they qualify with £60k debt..

On top of this, qualified medics are required to complete four years further training at accredited hospitals-many of the good ones being closed down in “reconfigurations” caused by evil PFI.
Good training places are in short supply.

Nursing and midwives bursaries have belatedly been reinstituted, but they still have to pay £10 each day to park, and urgently require a 10% pay increase rather than cynical “re-banding” and pay cuts to reduce wage costs.

If government continue to treat frontline staff atrociously, there will continue to be a drift out of the professions-Gps, nurses, midwives, frightened of making mistakes, negligence claims, because of overload, tiredness and stresses of working for Foundation Trust Hospitals, with pressure for throughput, gagged over speaking out, bullying privateer profiteer managers and diminution of the standing of the professions… overtaken by Marketisers like United Health, Centene and Circle…

Many leave the real NHS to work for the logo NHS (ISTC's), take early retirement, change careers or country, or leave to work in private settings, where they are respected by managers… until United Health and Centene rule the world...

Overriding factors

If newly qualified doctors hear that GPs life is a long-hours, stressful mug's game, they will not enter genral practice-underfunded, under resourced, a fight to refer patients, get tests, arguments with ICBs etc

Similarly, nurses and midwives-if they cannot give great care, as they werte taught-many will leave in training, or after joining their .. resulting in, and from, overload underfunding and under staffing.


A well funded NHS, with adequate frontline staffing, free from marketisers, profiteers and US huge corporations, is something that voters and patients value.

The NHS is something the UnitedKingdom cannot do without,

and can be easily and willingly paid for by taxpayers...

Tax avoidance should be reduced, tax collected from offshore tax free havens.

The waste of doctors, surgeons, nurses, midwives in exodus from the NHS can be avoided by government keeping the public NHS intact, not Boris and Javid destroying it