History of deception and strategy

Margaret Thatcher and Ken Clark outsourced catering in the 1980’s, cleaning and laundry -separating out the unions, providing worse services…
Under John Major, most NHS bodies were made into Trusts
Margaret Thatcher and Ken Clark created the internal market, purchaser/provider, which raised admin costs from 5% in mid-1970s to 14% in 2003. The Tories will never reverse this-it is required to allow private insurers to buy treatments like A&E, trauma, from the NHS providers.

The 2012 H & Social Care Act could push up costs to 30%-similar to the US

Tim Evans, negotiated the concordat for the private sector: “the NHS will be a kitemark attached to institutions in a system of purely private providers”-given them sweeteners-12% above the NHS tariff, indemnity… but worse treatment, simpler cases only, cherry-picking...
Nick Seddon, Cameron's health adviser openly called for the end of the NHS as we know it-and promoted the idea of an insurance-based system; was previously head of communications at Circle
The TTIP EU-US trade agreement opens up the NHS to international competition.. Once privatised, cannot be bought back into public ownership...
The EU competition law gives “a right to provide”, allowing foreign companies to force the opening up of public services… and “harmonisation”
in 1988 a conference of Conservative politicians, NHS senior managers, think tank advisors set out a seven step plan to alter the NHS

In 1988 the pro-market Centre for Policy studies published
“Britain biggest Enterprise” by the dastardly duo Oliver Letwin and John Redwood (both heading NM Rothschild bank international privatisation unit at the time. Letwin: plans for massive cuts in public spending
Letwin: the NHS will not exist within five years of a Conservative government
-goals for the NHS-establishing it as a Trust independent of government (Maggie's wish...)
-extending charging,
-personal health budgets, top up with insurance
-transition of this sort is fraught with difficulties
-foolhardy to move so far in one leap

-Might it not, rather, be possible to work slowly from the present system towards a national insurance scheme?
-One could begin with, for example, the establishment of the NHS as an independent Trust,
with increased ventures between the NHS and the private sector;
-move on next to the use of “credits” to meet standard charges set by central NHS funding administration for independently managed hospitals or districts;
-and only at the last stage create a national health scheme separate from the tax system”

Do not let profiteers siphon off NHS surgeons from the real NHS
There are 18,000 surgeons in England-to train each one costs about £400,000

Cameron and Lansley lied, used cherry-picked statistics to imply the NHS produced poor outcomes.
They declared the NHS unsustainable (after Blair-it was very good, inexpensive…)
We cannot carry on like this…
There is no alternative…
to soften up the electorate.

Portillo admitted they kept quiet before the election-they could not win if they disclosed their true plans. Lansley was forbidden to blab…

All campaigners can do is recognise the superb efforts of all workers in the NHS-surgeons, doctors, GPs, nurses, midwives-who work like Trojans to look after the patient, in the true NHS ethos-despite governments constant reorganisations to correct the failed previous reorganisations., denigrating them and refusing a decent payrise after five years of reduced salaries…

If certain critics are wealthy enough to self pay, or have private insurance, and fail to recognise that we will all and every one require the NHS at some point-when we have a stroke, childbirth, get knocked down by a bus-then see how much the private sector helps you...