Covid is not over. Workforce planning. Javid refusal.

-too few ambulances, ventilators and critical care beds to go round
-patients died…
-it is politically convenient to embrace “the end” of the pandemic
-11,000 beds are today occupied with Covid.
-staff morale never lower
-400 staff are quitting every week

one NHS ITU consultant: “we started with 17 ICU consultants: two retired, one on long term sabbatical, one resigned, three off with stress-all needed psych support

“with such staff attrition-no hope of reducing 6.2 million waiting”

The HSCAct has had a Lords amendment-for workforce reviews-which might be rejected by Treasury and DH, bounced back...
but Javid has said “no more funding for workforce recruitment”

we must future proof the NHS ready for next virus-enough staff, beds, no threadbare...
false narratives about the NHS “coping” are a lie-unhelpful and damaging…

this covid status is sanitised, airbrushed, erased, by political leaders, and much of the media..

Rachel Clark-Guardian


Is this "The Wreck of the Hesparus???