Any "reformed" system requires

-More beds (PFI forced smaller hospitals, fewer doctors, nurses, beds...)

-a prudent surplus of frontline doctors, surgeons, nurses, midwives, radiographers, pathologists

(ideally recruited, trained and retained in the UK, but offering UK citizenship for any frontline worker in the UK NHS and Social care, and visa for any workers from abroad...)

-A good and fair pay structure keeping pace with other "professions" and cost of living. Even ban pay rises for any other group...

-The maintainance and rebuild of at least the worst crumbling RAAC collapsing hospitals-from public government funds, not PFI

-More GPs-the gateway to care

(More GPs might eventually allow seven day working in two shifts, longer opening-over two shifts

allowing better family life/work balance, less depression, anxiety, burnout, retirement, less relocation to Australia, New Zealand...

-More clerical receptionists-stopping over pressure, aggression, anger, burnout and staff leaving...

(AskMyGP is the best compromise system to triage patients until government start to like appreciate and fund the NHS)

Four telephone receptionists cannot deal with 700 Monday morning calls..

-Energy bill met directly from the NHS/taxpayers

-Build assess-to-discharge Patient "pods", with nurses, to free beds and stop bedblocking


Stop privatisation-a NHS health vocation and ethos produces better care, less expensively than profiteer, private corporations!