Trussonomics, Kwarteng theories, Edward Leigh, David Frost, David Davies and the ultra right wing 1828 committee...


I and many sensible centre voters would like the UK to remain the United Kingdom, reduce borrowing, and reduce imports, increase exports

by paying farmers a fair price to produce food, not hugging trees and hedgerows

by exporting more-not selling off British firms like British Leyland, LandRover Jaguar, Cobbham, Newport WaferLab

The UK needs to produce more, efficiently, paying fair wages and salaries-not inflated mega salaries to a few CEOs.


I want to live in a decent country-where our infirm and elderly get good care-whether at home or in care homes-staffed by fair-paid, well-trained frontline staff with a good career path, under good NHS paybands and conditions.



Every UK citizen paying through (a ring-fenced) NHS/Social care tax-inexpensive to administer, equitable…
a wide risk pool
Separate private from NHS completely-no bailouts, undefined contracts…
Funded work force commitment
Reduce admin expenses-stop purchaser/provider
stop PFI
stop waste of frontline manpower by early retirement
pay freeze for everybody except NHS/Social care workers
Fuel cards for NHS/Carers
Free designated parking
Discharge assessment "pods", with nurses, to stop bed blocking
Tax cap lifted to allow continued work without penalty
Train double the number of medics, halve or cancel fees, subsistence allowance

Can the UK afford NOT to have an NHS:
many off work waiting for treatment…

Mixed insurance model-many limited policies-do not cover spinal, brain, stroke etc. Which policy best-need a private health insurance broker!!!



It seems that the ultra rightwing, Truss, Kwarteng are determined to shrink the state and decimate the NHS & Social care: let the bodies build up...

Like dentistry in the NHS, let it wither on the vine, while stating "all is well"

Many believe the government's criminal destruction of the NHS is intentional: despite warnings over the last decade-no plan for retention and training of double medic places, and training paths, retain and train nurses, midwives, and increase bed numbers by 30%.

Nightingale covid buildings were erected with no nurses, no airconditioning, far from existing hospitals...

Since Boris, the government have lurched to the right with a rise in nastiness, lies, strategy to shrink the state and reduce public services, welfare for the deserving,


Edward Leigh, David Frost, David Davies spout ideas about mixed model private health insurace... all more expensive, poorer results...


and Liz Truss is a member of the right wing neoliberal 1828 committee-
Board of Advisers
Crispin Blunt MP, Andrew Boff AM, Andrew Lewer MBE MP, Ryan Bourne, Sam Bowman, Eamonn Butler, Douglas Carswell, Nusrat Ghani MP, Dan Hannan, Julian Knight MP, Bruno Prior, Ian Silvera, Matt Taylor, Radomir Tylecote, Matt Gillow, Jack Powell and Matt Ridley.

Board of Parliamentary Supporters
Crispin Blunt MP, Nusrat Ghani MP, Rachel Maclean MP, Julian Knight MP, Lee Rowley MP, Liz Truss MP

lower taxes with unfunded cuts-without cabinet discussion: there was no urgency -let ministers settle in, do research and homework, calculate the downsides...

tank the pound, IMF and agencies downgrade the UK

make huge spending cuts

then dismantle the NHS and social care systems

Coffey "plan"

Coffey-I am not aware...

Clueless-I know nothing, see nothing, hear nothing, do nothing"

No state provision-
we can chop wood for heat, filter pondwater for drinking, bury our sewage in a pit, generate electricity with dynamos, treat ourselves on the kitchen table

let the infirm die-let the bodies pile up

how does this help growth???

Ex cabinet ministers, ex PMs can get great jobs outside politics-hedge funds, boards of conglomerates, defence, private health firms...

Coffey has stopped stop smoking campaigns-they need the tax

stopped gambling advert restriction-they need the tax

stopped sweetener campaigns-they need the tax

failed to stop "payday loans" Any loan over 20% should be illegal-but-they need the tax

stopped workforce training, recruitment and planning: there is no succession planning as doctors leave the NHS

ejected all thge foreign workers who kept the NHS and Social care going... instead of UK citizenship for them, and visas to let them work here...


If Hunt becomes Chancellor-we might get funds for frontline staff, beds, Social care... After Truss-NO CHANCE!


The reduction in bed numbers stems originally from PFI, which was devised to get round the EU limits on government borrowing.

Costing ten times the capital cost, hospitals had to be smaller, with fewer doctors and nurses, fewer beds...


The poor state of UK finances is due to years of mistakes:

Gordon Brown light touch, "compliment on ingenious tricks

HS2-a unneeded vanity project

Di do's Test and Trace

PPE scams

Unfunded tax cuts without research, mortgage companies untested tricks-LTE's