Cut Waste-save money for better NHS service


Government DHSS new computer IT systems

If a government department claimed a new IT system would be on time, within budget, and save money, "HO, HO, HO..."

Computer systems-It is a huge uneccesary task to make every patients record available throughout the UK: Far better to try within a county-each Trust and GP practice has its own preferred independent system and database-every one would need to be replaced...

No consultation with users, GPs, worries about confidentiality...
Government in-house developments and results are poor! Compare the DoHSS, Universal credit huge waste systems..!!!

External private suppliers are even poorer: so why try??? "Its a nice ambition, inherently risky"- David Nicholson

The "National program for IT in the NHS"
Bill Gates convinced Tony Blair-a national system for booking appointments, a national prescription service, a national records service was essential...
for the entire system, costs rose from initial £2.3 billion in 2002 to £11.4 billion nine years later
In 2011 DoH had spent £6.64 billion-how many front line doctors and nurses, medical equipment could that have bought???
Within the £6.4 billion,£2.7 billion on care records system,and was looking at £7 billion on records alone

Blair wanted it introduced by 2005 election. In the end, DoHealth abandoned the contract. Started by DHSS imposing a national system on many varied local networks and protocols-without consulting the users concerns and requirement

BT said it is the largest civil IT program in the world

David Nicholson "a laudable ambition, but inherently risky"

in the end, they produced differing, localised Trust specific solutions: if a patient had an accident in Cornwall, doctors unable to access your records in Carlisle...Accenture walked away from £2 billion contract in 2006
2008 Fujitsu ended-termination cost tens of millions...
cost more to terminate than continue
CSC wanted "Lorenzo"
130 interim systems costing £105 million
In 2015 Treasury gave Hunt yet another £1 billion for integrated care records
Connecting for Health-recommended by McKinsey, run by Deloitte-largely non-operational, haemorrhaging costs of £20 billion...

Waste of lost manpower

Additionally-by overloading, burnout, sheer frustration-many Doctors, Surgeons, nurses and midwives take shorter hours, early retirement, change country or carreers... such waste
15% of nurses leave during training...