-Royal College of Anaethestists: there is a shortage of 1,400 anaethetists: one million procedures delayed each year

-Royal College of Radiographers: only 913 full-time clinical and consultant oncologists-200 vacancies

This years new crop only fill half the vacancies, many are retiring (pension penalties)


-We are promised 50000 new nurses: About 20000 are existing, being encouraged not to leave. The rest we would be training anyway, the rest recruited from overseas (when they get here, they cannot afford to live and plead for help to return...)

We pay low wages, elsewhere the sun shines more Luxemburg, Denmark, Canada, Norway, Australia and Switzerland pay more

(John Lister)

Roy Lilley

There were 29,364 full-time equivalent GPs in 2015 when Jeremy Hunt was health secretary. Figures suggest there are now about 27,900. Photograph: Neil Hall/PA
Denis Campbell Health policy editor
Mon 11 Apr 2022 06.00 BST
The number of GPs in England has fallen every year since the government first pledged to increase the family doctor workforce by 5,000, a minister has admitted.

There were 29,364 full-time-equivalent GPs in post in September 2015, when the then health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, first promised to increase the total by 5,000 by 2020.

However, by September 2020 the number of family doctors had dropped to 27,939, a fall of 1,425, the health minister Maria Caulfield disclosed in a parliamentary answer. And it has fallen even further since then, to 27,920, she confirmed, citing NHS workforce data.