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Sensible centre government
some hope...!

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Truisms and principles

Government lies

Resources and Explainers

Useful links TV, media Climate of fear: Whistleblowers


Never waste a good crisis

BBC NHS dentistry crisis

Alan Milburn


Last chapter


Campaign act now!!!
Workforce, Covid not over

Latest efforts

Ambulances, GPs, A & E...

Compare US Medicare

you need a broker to explain...!


Accredit new doctors

Keep NHS Public suggested letters

Centene interim

Stevens, Kaiser Permanente

KONP campaign

The Lowdown-brilliant!

Allyson Pollock
redoubtable learned advocat for a public,well-planned NHS

Peter Roderick

Allyson Pollock briefing to Lords

How was this planned?
by Thatcher and Howe, Redwood and Letwin 1980...


The NHI levy Allyson Pollock

Social Care

Polly Toynbee

Integrate NHS & Social care

Cygnus reports: Doublespeak

NHS dentistry!

Integrated care response

Front line response

Bed numbers A good Health Minister


Waste-save money!!!


Test & trace Hungary

What are ACOs, ICS?

Latest developments

Vaccine sell off, Academy Hospitals

GPs-under fire!

Dr El-Gingihy-brilliant!

Vaccine lab sell-off

Private Eye on PFI

NHS "Reviews"

Shrink the State...

Smooth operators, revolving doors

Frontline retention